Sunday 19 January 2020

Convicted sex offender calls police on himself

Michael Mann
Michael Mann

A convicted sex offender was caught by US police after the suspect made an unrelated 9-11 call for help and interviewing police noticed his distinctive shoes.

Michael Mann (52) was arrested in Brooklyn, US after cops answered a call he had made about problems he was having with his roommate.

When cops went to interview him, they noticed he was wearing distinctive shoes – similar to those which a rape victim had reported her attacker as wearing.

Early last Tuesday , a woman was walking to her home in Brooklyn when she was approached by a man with a knife.

The man raped the woman and stole $5 from her, police say, before he took off on foot.

In her police report, the woman gave an accurate description of what her assailant was wearing.

After cops interviewed Mann - who previously served 17 years in prison for rape - he cheekily asked them for a lift because “he didn’t have money for cab fare”.

“At some point, he turns around and says to them, ‘Hey, would you guys mind giving me a ride? I don’t have cab fare,’ ” said the precinct’s commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Maximo Tolentino.

The cops told Mann they couldn’t give him a lift but they noticed he was wearing red sneakers — just like the rape suspect.

Mann’s bag was searched and cops found a  T-shirt with a design on it that matched what the attacker was wearing. A knife was also found during the search which matched the rape victim’s description.

Police say that Mann, 52, was arrested Thursday on a number of charges, including rape and robbery.

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