Thursday 14 November 2019

Child (9) kept in cage in 'worst and most-disturbing case' of child abuse

Image of the cage shared by Racine Sheriff's department
Image of the cage shared by Racine Sheriff's department Newsdesk Newsdesk

Police have arrested two people after a caregiver allegedly locked a nine-year-old child in a cage for a week in a Wisconsin home.

Local news station Fox6 News is reporting that a 46-year-old caregiver and a 48-year-old homeowner have been arrested by police investigating the alleged abuse. 

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said the case was one of the worst cases of child abuse he has ever seen.

“We have a nine-year-old that was housed, caged, locked up in a kennel designed for animals,” he said.

“You’ve seen the photo. Cardboard on the floor, a couple of blankets and a padlock,” said Schmaling. “I wouldn’t treat my own dog that way.”

“What goes through your mind? What would that child have to do to get you to go out and purchase a dog kennel,” Schmaling asked.

“I was sickened at what I witnessed last night. This by far, is one of the most disturbing and heart-wrenching cases of child abuse I’ve seen. It doesn’t get much worse than this,” Schmaling said.

Officers believe the child was kept for at least 12 hours each day in the cage which measured 4 feet, 10 inches in height, 4 feet in length, and 8 feet in width.

Rgedog kennel was padlocked to prevent the child from escaping.

The abuse was discovered when the child's teacher reported their suspicions to the authorities and on investigation officers found a dog kennel in the house.

Formal charges are expected to be brought shortly.

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