Wednesday 22 November 2017

Burglars leave error-ridden note explaining why they stole from home

Pic: KHOU reporters

Burglars in the US left behind a number of error-ridden notes detailing why they stole from a homeowner and what they had taken.

The notes, which were left in the house of Houston homeowner Joseph Alvarado after a burglary on Monday, had several spelling and grammatical errors.

One of the letters stated: “I stole your suffe because my borther told me not to.”

The other note started with the word “We” crossed out.

Photo: KHOU
Photo: KHOU

The writer then scrawled, “I broke in … haha … and took your PS3, controlers, games, and computer…by: a kid haha.”

Mr Alvarado said he was emotionally devastated after finding the notes. He told Houston television station KHOU “It is super hard just to know that this is somebody that made the wrong choice.

"Somebody decided to kick open somebody’s door, break some items and take some stuff and thought that was a good choice.”

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