Sunday 19 November 2017

'Amazing' mum-of-four dies suddenly after complaining she had a 'migrane'

Lee Broadway (Right) with her young family
Lee Broadway (Right) with her young family

Kathy Armstrong

Tributes have been paid to an "amazing" mother who died in surgery after initially thinking she had a bad migraine.

Lee Broadway (41) had been complaining of a severe headache and after two days she visited her local hospital, where she was told she was suffering from a brain aneurysm.

Tragically Ms Broadway died from complications in surgery on April 3.

The North Carolina woman is survived by her heartbroken husband Eric and their four children - Adair (22), Averi (16), Alex (10) and Adrien (8).

Eric told that Lee's family had a history of migraines so he wasn't initially worried.

He said: "Lee suffered from migraines, so a headache wasn’t really something I was concerned about.

"We never once thought we’d never see her again, you know?”

Her oldest son Adair also fondly remembered his mother.

He said: "Every memory I have growing up she’s just always there and so present.

"I don’t think she would’ve left if she didn’t think we would be OK."

Her youngest son Adrien echoed these sentiments, saying: "She was sweet and kind and she always was there for me."

A GoFundMe page to help Lee's medical costs and future expenses has already raised more than $34,000 (€31,800).

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