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No walk in the park for dog

A dogs' home is seeking a new owner for an animal with an unusual condition - an allergy to grass.

Seven-year-old crossbreed Buster suffers intense itching if he takes a walk in the park, and prefers a trip to the beach. He is being looked after by the Dogs Trust in Darlington, County Durham.

Stars shamed over dubious science

CELEBRITIES did not disappoint during 2011 with their penchant for peddling suspect science.

The US Sense About Science campaign named reality TV star Nicole Polizzi, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and singer Suzi Quatro as offenders against science, with their views on why the sea is salty, risks of cervical cancer vaccines and colon cleansers.

Pillow fight helps Chinese de-stress

A whirlwind of pillows filled the air as hundreds of Chinese gathered to blow off stress in Shanghai, staging a massive pillow battle.

The annual event marked its fifth year with a surge in interest from stressed young office workers and students.

Jackman's show breaks records

Hugh Jackman has left Broadway with a lot of broken hearts -- and records.

The Australian actor's one-man show closed on Sunday at the Broadhurst Theatre after having earned $2,057,354 (€1.59m) in its final week, the highest weekly gross recorded by the Shubert Organisation, which owns the theatre.

Man saves wife before his death

A man who was killed when a tree branch flew through his windshield was able to steer the car to safety before losing consciousness.

The wife of Colorado man James Baker-Jarvis (61) said he was able to pull over, saving her from any injury.

Oh deer . . . trooper shoots dog walker

An off-duty state trooper who was hunting in south east Massachusetts shot and wounded a woman who was out walking her dogs when he mistook her pets for deer.

The woman (66) was shot in the torso. The trooper called 911 after realising his mistake.

'Occupy' added to cliched words list

'Occupy' has been added to a list of words released by Michigan's Lake Superior State University deemed so overused and cliched they should be banished.

'Occupy' has become associated with the ongoing protest movement against social ills.

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