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Nine killed in Nepal avalanche

AN avalanche killed at least nine climbers on the world's eighth-highest mountain in northwestern Nepal.

Many of the dead were French or German, while the group also included climbers from Spain and Italy. Ten others survived the weekend's avalanche, but many were injured and were flown to hospitals by rescue helicopters.

City appeals for mass toilet flush

CITY authorities in Zimbabwe's second-largest city are appealing to homeowners to flush their toilets at a specified time as a way to unblock sewers after days of severe water rationing.

Bulawayo City Council has asked its more than one million residents to flush their toilets simultaneously when water supplies are restored.

Orchestra strikes over $145,000 pay

Musicians at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra have gone on strike after rejecting proposals for a three-year contract.

The contract would have provided them with a minimum salary of over $145,000 (€112,000) in the first year.

'Thick thieves' decontaminated

THREE thieves had to be decontaminated after ignoring danger signs and breaking into a building full of asbestos.

The trio forced their way into a deserted post office in Brighton and had to have any traces of the dangerous substance removed before they could be interviewed by police. Local trader Stuart Wilkie said: "Are these Britain's thickest thieves? It is poetic justice."

Siemens denies Iran bomb link

ELECTRONICS giant Siemens has denied allegations by Tehran that it planted explosives in equipment sold to Iran for use in its nuclear programme.

"Siemens does not have any business ties with Iran's nuclear programme and does not supply any technical equipment for it," a spokesman said.

Prisoners sue jail over dental floss

JAIL inmates in New York have launched a $500m (€385m) lawsuit demanding access to dental floss.

The inmates in Westchester County jail say they are losing their teeth and suffering pain because they are not allowed dental floss. Several say they brush three times a day, "tongue and gums included", but still suffer bleeding gums, constant dental work, and mental anguish.

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