Saturday 17 March 2018

Nigella Lawson's immaculate courtroom beauty battle

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson heads to court with a faultless beauty look that says she means battle

Nigella Lawson's immaculate appearance
Nigella Lawson's immaculate appearance

Katy Young |

What a difference a stint as beauty director can make. Nigella Lawson, who last week made her debut as guest beauty director for Stylist magazine, today made her appearance at Isleworth Crown Court looking nothing less than immaculate.

Lawson's war paint meant business. Calculated beautifully, this was easy on the glamour, high on effect. The 53-year-old's flawless skin, sculpted cheekbones, strong brows and balm (she loves By Terry Baume de Rose) showed this woman was ready for battle.

And she's obviously been in training since her bleary-eyed appearance back in October. The celebrity chef outed her de-puffing beauty program this autumn by leaving her house still wearing her sticky eye patches, while her hair matched in a patchy form that also seemed stuck to her head. Glamorous it was not.

But last week in Stylist, just as allegations of drug misuse hit the headlines, Lawson revealed just why she loved make-up. "There's a face people put on when they apply make-up," she said, and today it says she's ready to face the courtroom to give evidence in the trial of two of her former assistants who face charges of fraud.

And while her power make-up is modern, it's still inspired by the Sixties - the comfort blanket of beauty eras for Lawson. "For me, make-up is Sixties make-up; I have been wearing eyeliner and pale lips since I was a teenager," she explained in the weekly woman's magazine.

Her signature eyeliner also upped her confidence: "I learned what make-up is from my mother, so my daughter learned from me. I remember when my daughter was about 14, my sister said to me: "I see she's inherited the eyeliner gene." We all do a lot of eyeliner." And so the catflick (no doubt created in her favourite By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Black Pearl) makes its appearance in court.

Her eye weaponry of choice? False lashes. "I long to learn to put false eyelashes on myself," she admitted and Armani's Eyes To Kill mascara. Says it all.

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