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Saturday 25 November 2017

Nick Clegg's 'Ed Balls' tweet: Work of a hacker or wry sense of humour?

Has Nick Clegg shown his funny side?
Has Nick Clegg shown his funny side?
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s latest tweet has left users of the social media platform perplexed.

The mystifying post follows recent media rumours that the Liberal Democrat leader might be willing to work with Labour’s Ed Balls in UK government coalition.

“Ed Balls,” was the tweet that remains posted on the British politician’s Twitter feed at the time of writing. 

Followers of the official account have gone into overdrive trying to figure out if the tweet was posted in error, was the work of a hacker, or simply a humorous gesture to blow away any animosity cobwebs between the pair.

Nick Clegg has previously said shadow Chancellor Ed Balls is the only politician with whom he has a personal feud.

The Deputy Prime Minister said he made it a rule to keep arguments focused on policy, but he "made an exception" for the combative Labour MP.

In April 2011, Ed Balls accidentally posted a tweet of his own name, sparking mockery amongst seasoned twitterati. Two years later people still celebrate the anniversary of 'Ed Balls Day' and it has become a meme.

Nonetheless, finding amusement and rehashing the old error – if a genuine tweet – may be a little less than entertaining for those in the digital stratosphere.

As @immiehd posted: “why did @nick_clegg just tweet 'ed balls'? it's a bit like when that friend no one really likes laughs at a joke way too late.”

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