Friday 24 November 2017

New road rattles reptile rescuer

Officials in Utah are trying to evict a reptile rescuer who is using his rented home as a shelter for hundreds of animals.

James Dix reportedly has more than 900 rescued animals. The transport department needs him out because the home is in the path of a planned road. It says that Mr Dix was paid more than $18,000 (€13,077) to vacate, but has failed to leave.

Bride sought that will not bite off ear

A Malaysian taxi driver whose ear was bitten off by his Vietnamese wife has had his application for a new bride rejected by a matchmaking agency.

Chin Weng Seng (61) had demanded a full refund of the £3,650 (€4,174) which he paid for his bride (29) and said he was willing to pay for a replacement. The agency says it will pay for his divorce and also pay for her airfare back home -- if it can find her.

Woman sues over air turbulence

A Texas woman is suing an airline over turbulence.

Colleen O'Neal says her Continental flight from College Station, Texas, to Houston was so bumpy she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder because she thought she was going to die.

Buffet added €45m to wealth in 2010

Warren Buffett has called himself mega-rich, but now he's revealing how much money he made last year: $62,855,038 (€45.65m)

The billionaire investor disclosed the figure in a letter to US congressman Tim Huelskamp. Mr Buffett and Mr Huelskamp, a Republican, have been sparring over Mr Buffett's call for higher taxes on the wealthy.

Judge cuts Amish group some slack

Five men suspected of forcefully cutting the beards of fellow Amish in an inter-clan feud appeared in an Ohio court and were released on €36,000 bonds posted by the leader of their group.

The men are accused of entering a home on October 3 and using scissors and battery-powered clippers to cut the beards of the 74-year-old bishop of an Amish community and his son.

Ebay app will snap you up a bargain

Online auction giant eBay plans to add image-recognition technology to its mobile offerings, allowing shoppers to photograph items they covet that an app will match up with similar items.

Chief executive John Donahoe has said eBay plans to roll out the feature by the end of the year.

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