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Friday 15 November 2019

New bounty put on Islam filmmaker

A second Pakistani politician has offered a reward for anyone who kills the maker of the anti-Islam film that has angered Muslims around the world.

Ikramullah Shahid put up the $200,000 (€155,000) bounty at a rally in Peshawar. This is the second such offer made by someone in Pakistan. A cabinet minister earlier offered $100,000 for the man behind the US-made film.

Outlaw's gun sells for $170,000

A 45-calibre gun once owned by outlaw Butch Cassidy has been sold at auction in California for $175,000 (€135,000)

The Colt single-action army revolver went to an anonymous online bidder along with a black leather shoulder holster and two binders filled with documentation verifying the revolver's authenticity.

Squids have very active sex lives

Squid have sex sessions of up to three hours, leaving them too tired to swim properly, according to research at Melbourne University.

A paper in the journal 'Biology Letters' said it affected their swimming for up to 30 minutes afterwards, leaving them vulnerable to predators.

Balloon knocks out Greek radar

A child's helium balloon caused a power failure which knocked out Greece's main civil aviation radar and snarled flights for more than an hour.

The balloon knocked out the "heart" of the Athens flight information region radar which oversees Greek airspace, claimed the 'Ta Nea' newspaper.

'Carmageddon II' is major success

The mayor of Los Angeles is calling "Carmageddon II", the sequel to last year's shutdown of one of the nation's busiest freeways, a success.

Antonio Villaraigosa says bridge work that forced Interstate 405 to close was completed and lanes would re-open as planned.

Second chance for juvenile killers

California's governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that could one day bring the release of some criminals sentenced as juveniles to life in prison.

There are 309 inmates serving life-without-parole sentences in the state for murders committed when they were under 18. The bill would let inmates ask judges to reconsider their sentences after they serve at least 15 years in prison.

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