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Neil Armstrong to be buried at sea

NEIL Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, will be buried at sea. A family spokesman said yesterday that no other details on the timing, or the location, of the burial were available.

A public memorial service will be held at the Washington National Cathedral on September 13. Armstrong died on August 25, aged 82.

Ben & Jerry's in porn meltdown

BEN & Jerry's are suing the maker of 'Ben & Cherry's' X-rated DVDs, saying the 'hardcore pornographic' films have smeared the ice-cream maker's reputation.

The trademark lawsuit in US District Court in Manhattan said the sale of hardcore and exploitative pornographic DVDs and related goods is tarnishing Ben & Jerry's name.

Dutch province to ban wind turbines

THE Netherlands has been famous for its windmills for centuries, but now one of its most populous provinces wants to ban their modern-day incarnations -- wind turbines -- on the grounds that they are ugly and noisy.

The government of North Holland has authorised a giant wind power project in the north of the province but then will halt any further building of wind turbines.

Topless dancers keep up tradition

THOUSANDS of bare-breasted young Swazi women paraded in front of their king to celebrate chastity and unity, dismissing criticism of the lavish ceremony in one of Africa's poorest countries.

Clad in beaded mini-skirts and clutching machetes and mobile phones, women and girls danced and sang tributes to the king and queen mother in a traditional Umhlanga Reed Dance.

Man breaks in to play the piano

DUTCH police arrested and then released without charge a homeless man who broke into a music shop to play the piano and get some sleep.

The 60-year-old man, who once studied music and is now homeless, smashed the music shop's window in the northern Dutch town of Assen in search of a place to sleep on Sunday.

Hamster-cooking suspect on trial

A student is set to go on trial accused of cooking a live hamster. James White (21), denied killing the animal when he appeared at York Magistrates' Court.

White is being prosecuted by the RSPCA and is charged with "causing unnecessary suffering to an adult female Syrian hamster by subjecting her to hyperthermia".

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