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Sunday 17 December 2017

'Mysterious' woman is North Korean leader's wife

Sam Kim

North Korea has ended weeks of speculation by confirming that the mystery woman beside leader Kim Jong Un at recent public events is indeed his wife, "comrade Ri Sol Ju".

The news was buried in a state TV report about Mr Kim's tour of a new amusement park, delivered casually by a newscaster who gave no details about Ms Ri, including how long she and Mr Kim have been married.

Mr Kim, who inherited rule of North Korea from his father, Kim Jong Il, seven months ago, has been seen with Ms Ri at a concert, a nursery visit and other events recently, but state media did not mention her before now, fuelling widespread speculation about her identity.

Analysts said the announcement was a calculated move by Mr Kim and his advisers as they forge the image of the twenty-something leader who took power following the December death of Kim Jong Il.

"Kim Jong Un is breaking with his father's secrecy-shrouded leadership," said Lim Eul-chul, a North Korea expert at South Korea's Kyungnam University. "The revelation of his wife is a sign that Kim wants to show a more open leadership."

The couple's public appearances and brief marriage announcement are a striking contrast to Kim Jong Il's style. His 17-year rule was known for its secrecy, and his companions and children were rarely discussed.

That includes Kim Jong Un, who was virtually unknown outside North Korea before his formal introduction to the world in late 2010.

North Korean media showed Mr Kim and Ms Ri smiling broadly, Mr Kim leaning slightly toward her, as they inspected the newly opened Rungna People's Pleasure Ground.


The new leader's methods are considered more similar to his grandfather, North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, who was often shown alongside his wife, Kim Jong Suk, and with children in his arms.

Ahn Chan-il, a political scientist at the World Institute for North Korea Studies in South Korea, said the marriage revelation suggests Mr Kim is inching toward "more Western-style" leadership.

There have been other changes during Kim Jong Un's rule, including his promotion of younger officials and, most recently, his surprise dismissal of former military chief Ri Yong Ho, once seen as a key mentor during Mr Kim's rise to power.

Daniel Pinkston, a Seoul-based analyst with the International Crisis Group, played down the possibility that recent signs of Western influence in North Korea mean real reform is coming soon.

Still, he said that Kim Jong Un's decision to publicise the woman's presence shows a leadership quality distinct from his guarded father.

Marriage, Mr Pinkston said, would ease worries among Mr Kim's people and the much older officials serving under him "about the youth question".

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