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'Mummified' body of actress found

A mummified body of a former Playboy playmate has been found in a dilapidated Beverly Hills home where it lay undiscovered for up to a year.

A neighbour found the body -- believed to be that of playmate and B-movie actress Yvette Vickers -- when her suspicions were aroused by old letters and cobwebs in the mailbox.

Model's assistant spared prison

Model Erin O'Connor's personal assistant was spared a jail sentence yesterday after admitting stealing thousands of pounds from her boss to fund her own lavish lifestyle.

Michelle Knox-Brown (46) paid for holidays to Morocco, India, Spain and America using the Marks & Spencer model's credit card.

Many children can't ride a bike

A 'staggering' number of children cannot swim or ride a bike and have never run a distance of 400 metres, according to a study revealed yesterday.

The British study found that 15pc of children could not swim, one in 10 had not learnt how to ride a bike and almost a quarter had never run a distance of 400 metres.

Tornado tears through Auckland

A tornado tore through New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, yesterday, killing one person and injuring 14 as cars and trees were sent flying through the air and roofs were ripped off buildings.

The tornado struck the northern suburb of Albany in the mid-afternoon, with damage centred on a shopping mall, before it moved south, leaving a three-mile trail of destruction.

Profit meltdown for chocolate firm

Chocolate makers Thorntons issued a profit warning yesterday, blaming the record temperatures in April for a meltdown in Easter sales.

The company said the hot weather put customers off buying chocolate and saw same-store sales plunge 23pc over the crucial Easter week.

Spanish man (25) has allowance cut

A 25-year-old Spanish man who sued his parents for ending his allowance has been told by a judge to quit freeloading.

Judge Jose Luis Utrera ordered the man to leave his parents' home within 30 days, after he sued them for cutting his monthly allowance of €389. The judge said the family could not afford the luxury of maintaining an adult offspring and said he is capable of finding a job.

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