Friday 24 November 2017

Morticians found out

Italian police have arrested five morticians on charges of making tens of thousands of euro a month in bribes from funeral homes and profiting from grieving families.

The morticians would tip off a favoured funeral home when a corpse arrived and take kick-backs from the cost of the burial ceremony.


A mystery humming noise forcing people from their homes could be the sound of fish desperate for sex. Fed-up locals have been kept awake for a week by the nightly drone. Some have had to sleep on friends' sofas outside the area to escape the din.

Scientists believe it comes from the Midshipman fish looking for females to mate with in an estuary in Hythe, Hampshire, England.


A five-year battle to eradicate rats from a remote Alaskan island has finally been won, officials say.

They say the island, long known as Rat Island because of its infestation of Norway rats, is teeming with birds. For the first time breeding tufted puffins have been documented on the island, which is not inhabited by people.


Dignitaries from three countries were given a Weed 101 tour in Colorado to learn about a regulated marijuana market. The visitors from Canada, Mexico and Uruguay saw a greenhouse full of pot plants, and learnt about video surveillance and measuring drug production.

Colorado is preparing to play host to 1,000 drug policy experts and legalisation backers at a drug policy reform conference. Colorado and Washington have authorised marijuana possession for over-21s, with sales beginning next year.


More than 500 clowns have gathered in Mexico City for their 17th International Clown Convention, entering competitions, exchanging experiences and holding workshops to brush up on their clown techniques and learn new tricks.

Wearing oversized shoes, colourful wigs and red noses, the clowns had to produce their "official clown rule book" to register at the theatre hosting the event.


A White House national security officer has been sacked for being behind an anonymous Twitter account that criticised the Obama administration.

Jofi Joseph, of the NSC, apologised and said he took responsibility for the Twitter feed, which started as a "parody account".

Irish Independent

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