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Sunday 19 November 2017

Morrissey health woe

SINGER Morrissey's health woes have continued after he contracted double pneumonia, causing a further setback during his US tour.

The former Smiths star cancelled another concert as a result of his latest illness, on the back of a number of postponed performances. Last month he pulled a string of shows, most of which have been rescheduled, over a bleeding ulcer.

Mars tests suggest life

NASA scientists say tests on a Mars rock show the planet could have supported primitive life.

The analysis was done by the rover Curiosity, which drilled into the rock, crushed it and tested a tiny sample. The rover was the first spacecraft sent to Mars that could collect a sample from deep inside a rock. At a briefing, NASA scientists said the rock contains clay minerals that formed in a watery environment – an environment that may be favourable for microscopic organisms.

Iran plans 'Argo' suit

Iranian authorities are reported to be planning to sue Hollywood over the Oscar-winning 'Argo' because of the film's allegedly "unrealistic portrayal" of the country.

French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre is reported to be in Iran for talks with officials over the lawsuit. Last month Iranian officials dismissed Argo as pro-CIA, anti-Iran propaganda. The film is based on the escape of six American hostages from the besieged US Embassy in Tehran in 1979.

Red Cross food shock

The Red Cross is distributing food aid across Europe at levels not seen since the end of the World War Two, the head of the organisation has said, showing how deeply the economic crisis and austerity measures are being felt by ordinary people.

At least one million people in Spain alone are receiving food aid from the Red Cross.

Autism breakthrough

EARLY signs of autism can be detected in four-month-old infants using a new scanning technique.

The condition currently cannot be diagnosed until after the age of two, but researchers successfully used near-infrared spectroscopy to study the brain activity of two groups of infants, one of which had older siblings with autism.

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