Wednesday 22 May 2019

Monster of deep: prehistoric fish was 52 feet long

Press Association

The biggest fish ever to swim in the sea grew to 54 feet.

It sounds like a fisherman's tale. But the giant Jurassic fish Leedsichthys, that lived 165 million years ago, was a true monster.

Calculations based on fragments of fossil skeleton suggest it grew to eight or nine metres (29 feet) in 20 years and reached 16.5 metres (54 feet) in 38 years.

Scientists believe Leedsichthys was the whale of its day. Professor Jeff Liston, from the University of Glasgow, said: "This fish was a pioneer for the ecological niche filled today by mammals, like blue whales, and cartilaginous fish, such as manta rays, basking sharks, whale sharks."

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