Sunday 18 March 2018

YouTube video shows young journalist killed in missile strike in Gaza

**Warning - graphic footage**

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A YouTube video which appears to show the death of photojournalist Ramy Ryan has received almost 20,000 views since it was posted last night.

The six-minute video captures a total of eleven missile strikes. Following the last strike, the cameraman catches Ryan lying on the ground, motionless. A man gestures to the camera, shouting "Look, look! A Journalist - look!" He tears Ryan's 'Press' badge from his chest and thrusts it at the camera while shouting "“show the United Nations! Show the world! Show the Red Cross! Show the Arab traitors! They are all traitors!”

The 25-year old photojournalist had been broadcasting live for Al-Aqsa TV. At the beginning of the video, two ambulances can be seen to arrive on the scene. Fifteen seconds into the video a missile strikes the ambulance. A second missile hits fourteen seconds later and nine more follow in quick succession. The second missile is reported to have been the one to kill the young journalist, who was helping to carry the dead and injured to the ambulances.

Throughout the video, we see smoke and civilians running - desperately looking for cover.

The fifth strike knocks the cameraman onto the ground and when he surfaces, we see around a dozen injured men on the ground. They are crying "Ya Allah" (Oh God) and "Allahu Akbar", which means 'God is Great'.

Ryan is seen at the 3.50 mark, when the missile strikes appear to have stopped.

Viewer discretion is advised as the video contains upsetting and graphic content.

Ryan's death brings to nine the total of journalists killed in the conflict.

The Palestine News Network reported that the Ministry of Information in Gaza "confirmed" 62 violations against Palestinian journalists by Israeli forces including the bombing of two Press cars, 13 houses belonging to journalists and 14 bombs being dropped on media institutions. Nine deaths and thirteen injuries have been recorded.

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