Thursday 22 August 2019

WATCH: Bizarre Islamic State training video reveals use of leap-frogging in training drills

Sarah-Jane Murphy

A bizarre newly released Isis training video shows jihadist recruits executing leapfrog jumps over each other and kicking each other in the groin.

The footage provides an insight into the exercises used during training.

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The masked men are seen carrying out the drills in a grassy clearing in a wooded area, to the soundtrack of fast-paced music.

The fighters are dressed in identical navy blue and grey attire, with black bandanas and headbands styled in the image of the Isis flag.

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Several recruits are kicked in the groin by an instructor possibly to increase their toughness.

Recruits are also filmed leapfrogging, which is not traditionally known as a military training technique.

The video is released just days after Isis included Ireland on a list of nations they claim are a 'coalition of devils' against the terror group.

The short video showed the flags of 60 nations worldwide.

Ireland featured on the list alongside the UK, France, Australia, the US, Canada and Japan.

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