Tuesday 16 January 2018

Video: Heartbreaking moment Syrian dad is reunited with the toddler he feared was dead

A father who thought his young son had died in a chemical attack in Syria, faints with emotion when he realises he’s alive.

A heartwarming video of the reunion has shed a glimmer of good news from the devastated area of Zamalka in Damascus.

According to reports, the footage was allegedly recorded in the southwestern town was posted on YouTube by Syrian activists.

The dad is so overwhelmed with emotion at seeing his toddler whom he had feared dead, that his neighbours are forced to hold him back.

They briefly remove the child from the man, presumably to prevent him from getting upset.

However, moments later when the man has regained some composure, he is brought back to meet his son.

The little boy is obviously delighted to be back in the arms of his dad.

The footage was discovered by Max Fisher of The Washington Post and has since gone viral since posted on Youtube.

In his online blog Mr Fisher writes: “Even if you don’t speak a word of Arabic, the family’s body language says everything. There is a lot of crying and hugging and grateful recitations of the Takbir (“Allahu akbar!” or “God is great!”).

“If you can hold it together through all seven minutes, you’re stronger than I am. But this video provides a welcome, if all too rare, moment of solace and joy in a war that has had precious little of either”.

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