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US wants more evidence of gas attacks before taking action

US President Barack Obama has warned that any use of chemical weapons by Syria would be a "game changer", but he cautioned that the US needs more evidence that President Bashar Assad has used the deadly agents

"We cannot stand by and permit the systematic use of weapons like chemical weapons on civilian populations," Mr Obama said yesterday.

However, he said more evidence of such use was needed, including when and how the deadly agents might have been used.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron accused Syria's regime of a "war crime" as evidence emerged that two more gas attacks have poisoned another 105 people.

Asked about reports that Assad's forces had used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law, he said yesterday: "I choose my words carefully, but what I see does look very much like a war crime."

The incidents took place on Thursday in the southern town of Daraya, according to the Syrian Support Group, an organisation in Washington representing the rebel Free Syrian Army. There were no reported deaths.

Omran al-Zoubi, the Syrian information minister, has denied that the regime even possessed a chemical weapons arsenal. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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