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Ultra-Orthodox Jews attack Portman film


Natalie Portman is directing a film in Jerusalem

Natalie Portman is directing a film in Jerusalem

EPA Abir Sultan

Natalie Portman is directing a film in Jerusalem

'BLACK Swan' star Natalie Portman has gone behind the camera to direct her new movie, which began filming last week.

She is seen here speaking with the crew of her new movie in Nachlaot, in Jerusalem, Israel, yesterday. However, a group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish residents in Nachlaot have filed a complaint to the Jerusalem municipality to stop the movie filming.

They argue that filming harms their feelings and their daily lives and they have also complained that some of the actors are dressed inappropriately.

The actress received a grant for 2,550,000 Israeli shekels (€500,000) from the Jerusalem Film Fund to direct, write and star in a film adaptation of Amos Oz's memoir, 'A Tale of Love and Darkness'.

The book tells the story of the author's mother's mental illness and his father's attempts to help her. It takes place in the 1940s.

Portman has been speaking in interviews for years about wanting to direct and act in a film version of this work.

Portman is playing Oz's mother.

The actress, who was born in Israel, won an Oscar for her performance in the film 'Black Swan', in 2011.

She has directed and written one short film and a segment of the omnibus film 'New York, I Love You'. She is fluent in Hebrew and has acted in an Israeli film, Amos Gitai's 'Free Zone', in 2005.

After she graduated from Harvard, she spent several months studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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