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Monday 23 October 2017

Two smiling French youngsters shown ‘murdering prisoners’ in horrifying new Isis video

The youngsters shown firing pistols
The youngsters shown firing pistols

Shocking new footage has emerged of two youngsters speaking French apparently murdering two prisoners in a new Isis execution video.

The 14-minute new video features two boys – not even in their teens – who are apparently training with the terror group.

The two youngsters in the video
The two youngsters in the video

Entitled 'In the Footsteps of My Father', the video shows the young youngsters shooting two prisoners in a remote, unidentified forest.

The two boys are shown aiming pistols at the men’s heads and apparently shooting them at the end of the video.

The bullet ridden picture of Francois Hollande
The bullet ridden picture of Francois Hollande

In another section of the video, the youngsters are shown taking aim at photographs of Russian leader Vladmir Putin, French President Francois Hollande and US President Barack Obama.

It is the latest in a series of propaganda videos from the terror organisation.

Last week another video emerged of teenage boys who are vying with each other to kill prisoners on behalf of Isis.

The men were to be publically executed in  the city of Nineveh, Iraq for rejecting Islam.

In the video, representatives of Isis bring the men in front of a baying crowd. The prisoners, who are all dressed in red and blindfolded, are forced to kneel on the ground.

The terrifying footage shows an ISIS preacher telling the crowd that the men have been sentenced to death for rejecting Islam.

The preacher then asks the crowd for volunteers to come forward to execute the men.

Almost immediately, five youngsters – some of them obviously still teens – put their hands up eagerly to be picked.

Weapons are then handed to the youngsters - some of them who have broad grins on their faces - who take their places behind the blindfolded prisoners.

The babyfaced assassins then fire several rounds of ammunition into the men’s heads, with one of the killers then appearing to celebrate by firing his gun in the air.

Meanwhile, an air strike ke by a U.S.-led coalition killed a senior Islamic State official in Iraq last week, a Pentagon spokesman revealed.

The strike on May 6 killed Abu Wahib, Islamic State's chief military official in Anbar province, said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook. The strike was on a vehicle carrying Abu Wahib, also known as Shakir Wahib, and three other Islamic State members near the town of Rutba, Cook said.

Islamic State, a hardline Sunni Islamist group, seized large portions of Anbar province in 2014, though Iraqi security forces have since last year succeeded in winning back some towns there, including Ramadi and Hit.

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