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Syrian doctors save little girl born with piece of shrapnel buried in forehead


Little Amel is said to be doing fine after emergency surgery was carried out to remove the shrapnel Credit: Aleppo City Medical Council

A Syrian baby was been born with shrapnel lodged in her head after her mother suffered horrific injuries in a rocket attack.

In graphic footage posted by the Aleppo City Medical Council shows doctors delivering the lifeless and pale girl.

Medics can be seen frantically rubbing the baby and laying her down on a table to remove the shard of metal when the infant begins to whimper and show signs of life. 

The little girl named Amel, for ‘Hope’, had the piece of shrapnel embedded in her forehead after it pierced her mother's womb.

“She wasn't even born, and she was targeted,” said Dr Mohammed Tabbaa, from the Syria Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA).

Speaking to CNN, he said: “I mean, that's the situation. I'm hoping she'll have a better future.”

Amel’s mother, named locally as Amira, had to undergo an emergency caesarean section after she was injured in an attack on her home.

The mother –of-three was among dozens injured when a residential area of Aleppo was bombed in September 18.

It is unclear who the perpetrator of the airstrike was but many have pointed fingers at government forces.

The video was posted on the Facebook page of Aleppo City Medical Council as European leaders attempt to deal with an influx of migrants and refugees not since World War 2.

“Amel's story provides the explanation for why the mass migration is happening,” the Medical Council wrote.

“Her story is a tragic illustration of a human toll of a war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives and pushed millions of others to flee.”

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