Monday 21 October 2019

Soldiers escorted Saadi into Niger

Richard Spencer Middle East Correspondent

SAADI Gaddafi was smuggled into Niger by a team of ex-special forces soldiers from around the world, according to a former Australian soldier who claims to be the personal bodyguard of the former Libyan dictator's son.

Gary Peters, who is Australian but lives in Ontario, Canada, said his team of New Zealand, Australian, Russian and Iraqi ex-special forces soldiers escorted Saadi to Niger after his escape from Tripoli as it fell to rebel forces in August.

He said he was injured as he tried to cross the border back to Libya, but was able to make it back to Canada.

Saadi, who is facing demands for his extradition from Niger, was hoping to move to Canada or Mexico, Mr Peters said.

"He loves Canada, that's why he keeps coming back here, every year," Mr Peters said of Saadi in an interview with the 'National Post' newspaper.

Three of Gaddafi's children died during the uprising, but three -- Mohammed, Hannibal and Ayesha -- escaped to Algeria, while Saif al-Islam is known to be somewhere near Libya's border with Niger and Algeria.

Saadi is facing an Interpol arrest warrant for alleged crimes in Libya in connection with his time as head of the national football federation.


Meanwhile, a priceless collection of nearly 8,000 ancient gold, silver and bronze coins was stolen by robbers who broke into a bank vault in the Libyan city of Benghazi.

The theft of the so-called Treasure of Benghazi, much of which dates from the time of Alexander the Great, is believed to have been one of the biggest in history.

Interpol has been alerted about the theft, which took place in May.

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