Sunday 22 April 2018

'Secret agent' dolphin's deep cover is blown

Israel may have used a dolphin to spy according to Hamas
Israel may have used a dolphin to spy according to Hamas

Dean Gray in London

Hamas claims to have captured a dolphin that was being used as an Israeli 'spy' off the coast of Gaza, local media has reported.

The militant Palestinian Islamist group, which dominates Gaza, says the mammal was equipped with spying devices, including cameras, according to the BBC, citing the Arabic-language newspaper Al-Quds.

It was apparently discovered by a naval unit of Hamas' military wing and brought ashore.

No photographs of the alleged marine secret agent have been released.

Al-Quds said that the newest recruit was "stripped of its will" and turned into "a murderer" by the Israeli security services.

It shows the extent of Israel's "anger" and "indignation" at the formation of Hamas's naval combat unit, the paper reported.

Israeli authorities have not commented on the media reports.

Israel controls most of Gaza's borders, coastline and airspace

It is not the first time it has been accused of using animals - and birds - for spying purposes.

In 2010, Israel scoffingly dismissed Egyptian claims that a series of shark attacks in the Red Sea could have been the result of a Mossad plot to harm tourism.

A few weeks later, a vulture found in Saudi Arabia with a GPS transmitter was accused of being an unwitting Mossad operative.

And in 2012, villagers in Turkey feared a small migratory bird found dead with a ring on its leg had been an Israeli spy.

Their fears eventually proved unfounded.

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