Sunday 25 March 2018

Netanyahu tweets his opposition to potential nuclear deal with Iran

Aron Heller Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken to Twitter to keep up pressure on western powers, over negotiations with Iran on its contested nuclear programme, and to warn against rushing into a "bad deal".

In his latest salvo against making concessions to Iran, Netanyahu's Twitter account featured a cartoon-like ad that detailed what he said the pending agreement included. "The proposal enables Iran to develop atomic bombs and build long-range missiles to reach the US and Europe," it read. "Iran is getting everything and giving nothing."

Netanyahu has been increasingly vocal in recent days about his opposition to a potential deal between six western powers and Iran, that would lift some sanctions while still leaving Iran with uranium-enrichment capabilities.

Netanyahu has said he utterly rejects the brewing agreement, and has been lobbying American allies in Congress to keep up sanctions.

The approach has strained relations with US President Barack Obama's administration, which has asked Congress to hold off sanctions while negotiations are under way.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said she saw the tweet but had no response to it. She reiterated though that Israel and the United States had the same goal, of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

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