Friday 23 March 2018

Members of Isil can marry girls as young as nine

Isil leader Abu Bakr al­Baghdadi
Isil leader Abu Bakr al­Baghdadi

Richard Spencer

Isil jihadis have published a manifesto for women living under their rule, including marriage at nine, education to the age of 15, and an escape from the harsh dictates of western feminism.

The document, published only in Arabic and translated by the anti-militant group Quilliam, says it is wrong to deny a woman education, but that "the greatness of her position, the purpose of her existence is the Divine duty of motherhood".

It repeatedly attacks the oppression of women in the West and elsewhere in the Arab world, describing a repeated cycle of poverty, state violence, and women having to submit to men's gaze and "receive from them what women have to when faced with men".

The document repeatedly stresses that it is supportive of women's rights - just that it has a different view of why she needs those rights.

It says women should be educated because they cannot fulfil their duty if they are illiterate or ignorant.

However, the curriculum it advises focuses strongly on religious education, with sidelines in basic science, and "skills like textiles and knitting, basic cooking".

"Yes, we say 'stay in your houses', but this does not mean, in any way, that we support illiteracy, backwardness or ignorance," the document says.

Its school curriculum ends at 15, but elsewhere in the document it points out that it has not stopped women going to university in areas under its control, and allows them to become doctors and teachers.

Pictures on social media show veiled women training with fire-arms. The document clarifies that women can fight jihad if a special fatwa is issued allowing them to.

That raises the prospect of women fighting last-ditch battles against the anti-Isil coalition if it is successful. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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