Tuesday 15 October 2019

Israeli education plan sows the seeds of peace

Josef Federman in Yokneam, Israel

IT IS not exactly on a par with the famous Christmas football match on the frontline in 1914, but peace does come dropping slow in the Holy Land.

One small step has been taken in what amounts to something of an educational revolution of sorts. A growing number of Israeli schools are taking a novel approach to the instruction of Arabic -- they're hiring Arab teachers.

Educators say they hope to break down barriers in a society where Jewish and Arab citizens have little interaction.

"It is very important to get past the stigmas. We have a chance to get closer," said Shlomit Vizel, principal of the elementary school in Yokneam.

In a country where 20pc of citizens are Arab, enlisting native Arabic speakers for the classroom would seem obvious.

But politics and cultural differences have left Israeli students overwhelmingly separated between Jewish and Arab educational systems.

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