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Flashpoints: Iran's opposition in calls for rally

Iran's opposition yesterday renewed its call for a rally in support of protesters in Tunisia and Egypt, despite a government warning of repercussions if protests took place.

The opposition urged its supporters to rally in central Tehran today and accused the government of hypocrisy by voicing support for the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings while refusing to allow activists to stage a peaceful demonstration.

Protester hurt in clash with police

Hundreds of anti-government protesters in Yemen clashed with police in Sanaa, the capital, where one demonstrator was injured.

The march was held as Yemen's Joint Meeting Parties asked President Ali Abdullah Saleh to remove his relatives from government posts. The group said it accepted Mr Saleh's announcement that he wouldn't seek an extension to his term of office or transfer power to his son, Ahmed.

Warning of 'chaos' by demonstrators

Bahrain's security forces set up checkpoints and fanned out patrols yesterday as opposition groups blanketed social media sites with calls to stage major anti-government protests.

The clampdown appeared directed at Bahrain's Shi'ite majority -- which had led the drive for rallies. A human rights activist predicted "chaos and bloodshed" if attempts were made to crush the planned demonstrations.

Algerians to hold weekly marches

Algerian opposition groups said yesterday they would follow up the protest they held this weekend with a demonstration in the capital every Saturday until the government was changed.

A coalition of civil society groups, some trade unionists and an opposition party which organised the rally decided to repeat the rally weekly. "We will continue to march until the regime steps down," said Mohsen Belabes, a spokesman for the RCD opposition party.

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