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Film shows 'opposition activist buried alive' in Syria

THE Syrian opposition called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council yesterday over fresh claims of regime brutality, including a video that purportedly showed an opposition activist being buried alive.

The video, said to have been filmed in Qusayr, shows a man wailing as two men in military uniforms fill in a small ditch around his head with shovels until he is completely covered.

The authenticity of the film cannot be verified, especially as it seems to have been posted by a member of the regime forces. It may have been intended to frighten the opposition.

The dialogue on the video suggests that the man has been caught sending footage of the uprising to Arab television channels. He cries out, "there is no god but Allah", a traditional prayer of those about to die, but is told to say "there is no god but Bashar" instead.

The call by the Syrian National Council for an emergency statement by the UN came after another apparent breach of the ceasefire, when a huge explosion destroyed part of Mash at-Tayyaron, a district of Hama.

"Hama in recent days -- and following a visit by UN observers -- witnessed a series of crimes that left more than 100 people dead and hundreds wounded because of heavy shelling," the Syrian National Council said in a statement.

The regime said "terrorist groups" had accidentally blown up a house used for bomb-making, killing 16 people.

But Mousab al-Hamadee, a member of Hama's opposition, said the blast on Wednesday was caused by shelling. He said the victims were families who had fled the violence in Homs.

Activists put the body count from the incident at 68, including 13 children. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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