Monday 11 December 2017

Egypt's leader revokes appeals decision

Zaid Sabah Abd Alhamid in Washington Salma El Wardany in Cairo

Cabinet allows military to use force 'necessary to perform their duty'

The President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi revoked his November 22 decree disallowing appeals of his decisions to the country's judiciary, and Vice President Mahmoud Mekki said the army has been mobilised to maintain security.

The reversal of the November decree was announced by Mohamed Salim El Awa, a former presidential candidate, who read a televised statement from a legal committee empanelled to review Mr Morsi's action last month.

A December 15 referendum on a new constitution won't be postponed, according to the committee statement.

Mr Mekki announced the army's mobilisation in a statement televised by Al Arabiya.

Egypt's Cabinet approved a measure allowing the army to use the force "necessary to perform their duty" to maintain security and protect vital state institutions, Cairo-based Al Ahram newspaper said yesterday.

After a fortnight of clashes between Islamist and secular demonstrators in Cairo, the armed forces interrupted television broadcasts to issue a statement, warning that they "would not allow" Egypt to enter a "dark tunnel with disastrous consequences".

Opposition supporters yesterday began a third week of rallies outside the presidential palace to protest.

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