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Egyptians want to tear up Israel peace treaty

More than half of Egyptians want to end the peace treaty with Israel, according to an opinion poll, which will add to the West's fears about a shift toward conservative Islamic politics in the country.

The fullest survey conducted in any of the countries to have an uprising in the "Arab Spring" found 54pc of Egyptians wanted to end the 1979 treaty compared with 36pc who backed it. It also found a high degree of support for Islamic law.

However, most people would support secular parties if an election were held today, and the Muslim Brotherhood, which was banned before the February revolution, would win only 17pc of the vote.

Two liberal parties, the New Wafd and al-Ghad, whose leader was jailed by the former president, Hosni Mubarak, each won similar or higher support.

The Muslim Brotherhood was seen as a big winner from the democratic uprising.

The military council in charge has, meanwhile, moved to improve relations with Iran.

Most people (62pc) thought Egyptian laws should "strictly follow the Koran". (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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