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British woman in Dubai sex case is released

A British woman who was arrested after being attacked by a love rival who discovered her in bed with her ex-boyfriend has been released after a month in Dubai's "awful" police cells.

Danielle Spencer faces charges of having sex outside marriage after the woman, Priscilla Ferreira, came into the flat early one morning before Christmas and found her in bed with Toby Carroll, an analyst for HSBC.

Miss Ferreira is said by Dubai police to have gone on a rampage with a knife, slashing curtains and at a door to the bathroom where Miss Spencer was hiding. All three were arrested after Mr Carroll called police for help.

"It has just been awful," Miss Spencer said after being bailed in the early hours of yesterday morning. "I can't even begin to think about speaking about it."

Miss Spencer, 31, is originally from Hull and worked as a pole-dancer before ending up in Dubai after a round-the-world trip.

She has worked in the emirate in real estate and as an investment consultant before moving to a firm that sells yachts last year.

She went back to Mr Carroll's flat, where Miss Ferreira, who had been going out with him for five years, found them together. Miss Ferreira, who faces criminal damage charges, was released on bail later yesterday, while Mr Carroll was freed on Thursday. The first pictures of Miss Ferreira also emerged yesterday.

Miss Spencer and Miss Ferreira became friends after being forced to share a mattress in the women's cell at Bur Dubai police station, which is meant to house 40 but regularly holds between 70 and 100 inmates.

Women are allowed a shower once a week, and regularly complain about the conditions and poor quality of food.

Miss Spencer's mother Amanda Genta, flew out to help her daughter get released, accompanied by representatives of a tabloid newspaper. Miss Spencer's father, who is in the merchant navy, was said to be at sea.

"I haven't been to sleep or had a shower - I have been up all night with my mum," Miss Spencer said yesterday. "I feel really, really ill and I need to get my head together. I'm just glad it's over."