Wednesday 13 December 2017

British jihadi video in which five killed betrays chinks in Isil's armour

A still from the Isil video of the terrorist with a British accent brandishing a short arm. Photo: PA
A still from the Isil video of the terrorist with a British accent brandishing a short arm. Photo: PA

Richard Spencer

The five men murdered by a British-sounding jihadi in Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's latest propaganda video were killed after providing information to British and Western intelligence agencies, their killers claim.

The men - each shot in the head with a single bullet - are shown "confessing" to their alleged crimes before being shot by their five killers, led by the English-speaking jihadi.

The video, in which the 'British jihadi' threatens David Cameron, accuses Isil's internal opposition of being a front for British and Western intelligence.

The 'caliphate' has been targeting a group called Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), an alliance of journalists and activists from the Syrian town that is the jihadists' de facto capital.

The five men 'admit' providing information to men who take it to Turkey, where it is released to the Western media, including the BBC.

It names a man called Manal Abdul Razzak as being both a fighter for Isil and an "an agent of the Crusader alliance".

His brother, Marwan Abdul Razzak, is one of the men who confesses to providing information to RBSS and is then shown being shot.

RBSS is not named but some of its members are, including Hamoud al-Mousa, one of its founders.

"I started to work with Hamoud al-Mousa and he asked me to work inside Raqqa," says another of the men, Oubai Mohammed Abdul Ghani, whose age is given as just 17.

He says that he was then asked to provide information on a series of Isil headquarters buildings and on individuals, including one Australian jihadi and two Britons.

They are not named, but he refers to a subsequent air strike which struck a car in the city, near the state security building. Mohammed Emwazi, the British Isil executioner known as "Jihadi John", was killed in a strike on the city as he was getting into a car.

Mr Abdul Ghani makes the most important single confession of the video, saying that he was sent by Hamoud al-Mousa a photograph of "Abu Muslim al-Turkmani" and asked to monitor him. Abu Muslim al-Turkmani was deputy leader of Isil and in charge of its Iraqi operations until he was killed in an American drone strike in August.

The success of the coalition in hitting and killing two of its "most wanted" in quick succession suggested that Western intelligence on Isil had improved and had even managed to penetrate the group sufficiently to monitor individuals.

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