Friday 6 December 2019

British boy (4) shown blowing up prisoners in Isil video

Isa Dare in a previous ISIL video
Isa Dare in a previous ISIL video

Robert Tait in Los Angeles

A British boy believed to be aged four and nicknamed "junior jihadi" has been filmed blowing up four prisoners in the latest grisly execution video released by the Isil militant group.

In exploitative footage that is shocking even by Isil's standards, Isa Dare, whose mother Grace "Khadija" Dare is a convert to Islam who has sworn allegiance to the jihadist group, is seen pressing a button on what appears to be a remote control device seconds before a car containing four alleged "spies" goes up in a ball of flames.

Wearing a black Isil headband and military-style fatigues, the boy announced to the camera before the explosion that "we are going to kill the kuffars (non-believers) over there".

He is then seen standing beside the car's burnt-out remains, triumphantly punching the air and shouting: "Allahu akbar."

The men inside the car, wearing handcuffs and orange jumpsuits, confessed their 'crimes' to the camera and appear resigned to their fates before the vehicle explodes.

The victims, who identified themselves as Syrians aged between 22 and 33, claimed they had been recruited by anti-Isil resistance fighters and British intelligence services to help the "Crusader coalition".

It is the second time Isa, whose 24-year-old mother took him to Syria, has appeared in an Isil propaganda film.

In the latest video, believed to have been shot in Isil's de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria, the young boy is accompanied by a masked man who issues a threat to British prime minister David Cameron for arming groups in Syria who are fighting the jihadists.

"You will never fight us except behind fortified fortresses or behind walls," says the man, speaking in an English accent.

"So no, David Cameron….you've only done two things.

"Firstly, when you sent your spies to Syria and when you authorised for your men, thousands of miles away, to push a button to kill our brothers who lived in the West.

"So today, we're going to kill your spies the same way they helped you kill our brothers.

"So prepare your army and gather your nations as we too are preparing our army."

Meanwhile, Germany's foreign minister yesterday said diplomatic efforts to tame Syria's civil war are at a crossroads and talks need to produce some kind of breakthrough.

"If we don't succeed in breaking the spiral of violence and counter-violence now, this terrible civil war will drag on even longer," said Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

He said "everyone who is needed" is at a meeting in Munich of major powers with an interest in the conflict, adding he hopes to find a way to restart talks between the Syrian government and opposition soon. (© Daily Telegraph London)

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