Thursday 14 November 2019

Bin Laden had 'sizeable stash' of pornography

David Randall in Washington

A "SIZEABLE stash" of pornography was seized at Osama bin Laden's compound.

US officials have claimed the pornographic material was on computer discs seized by Navy Seals during the May 2 raid on his hideout at Abbottabad, Pakistan. The statement brought instant ridicule from commentators, many of whom found the claim either risible, or a further example of unsophisticated briefing which was likely to backfire.

Roderick T Long, a professor of philosophy at Auburn University, Alabama, said: "I have no problem believing that Bin Laden was a hypocrite. But I also have no problem believing the US government is a liar. Hence I have no opinion one way or other as to the existence of Bin Laden's alleged porn collection."

The pornography was on computer materials, but there was, officials conceded, no evidence the terror leader had viewed it. Three other men lived in the compound: Bin Laden's son and two couriers. Bin Laden's three widows are unlikely to shed any light on the matter.

After Bin Laden was killed, US Navy Seals confiscated what US officials called a "treasure trove" of information from his office. The items included a handwritten journal, five computers, 10 hard drives and 110 thumb drives. All the media taken from the site is being analysed by a CIA-led team.

The material includes a record of emails that were sent by flash or thumb drives, carried out by couriers on foot, and transmitted at internet cafes, giving Bin Laden access to al-Qa'ida's offshoots inside Pakistan and as far away as Yemen and Europe. (© Independent News Service)

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