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Met officer jailed for knocking out student's tooth bragged he would 'f**king batter' protesters

A London police officer has been jailed for eight months after he was convicted of smashing a student’s tooth out during demonstration against tuition fees.

Andrew Ott was on duty during a protest in Westminster in 2010 when he struck a demonstrator with his riot shield, knocking his tooth out.

The officer was taped on his personal recording device threatening violence towards the crowds near the Houses of Parliament, saying he was happy about "getting" the protesters.

During the trial the jury heard clips from the recording device carried by Mr Ott, were he said he would “f**king batter” some of the protesters.

The court heard that after Mr Ott knocked out part of the front tooth of student William Horner with his riot shield, he told the 20-year-old: “Not me mate, you slipped on the metal fence.”

The court was told that the officer chased down Mr Horner after he was seen scale a fence so he could leave a kettled area during a protest in Parliament Square.

Judge Jeffrey Pegden said Mr Ott carried out an act of "gratuitous and unnecessary violence" and had abused his power as a police officer.

He, along with officers Calvin Lindsay (31) and Thomas Barnes (31), was cleared of perverting the course of justice after they were accused of concocting a reason to falsely arrest the student after he was injured.

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