Wednesday 13 November 2019

Men’s Rights Movement launch ‘Don’t Be That Girl’ campaign

A poster for the 'Don't be that Girl' campaign in Canada
A poster for the 'Don't be that Girl' campaign in Canada

Clare Cullen

A men's rights group in Canada has put up posters accusing women of lying about sexual assault.

The posters are a response to a 2010 controversial campaign called ‘Don’t Be That Guy’, which prompted worldwide debate at the time.

The 2010 campaign, which was co-ordinated by the Vancouver Police Department and aimed at men, focused on alcohol-related rape reports and employed slogans such as “Just because you help her home, doesn’t mean you get to help yourself” and “Just because she’s not saying no doesn’t mean she’s saying yes.’

The Canadian group Men’s Rights Movement (MRM), which claim to be “anti-feminism” on their website, have hit back with their own campaign.

The ‘Don’t Be That Girl’ campaign uses the style of the original to portray a different message, with slogans such as “Just because you regret a one-night stand, doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual” and “Lying about sexual assault is a crime”.

The posters have been spotted in the Canadian town of Edmonton and have sparked outrage amongst inhabitants who have taken to social media to vent their outrage.

To support their claims, MRM have pointed to some studies which they say suggest that false claims of rape are on a par with actual rape reports, and that false rape reports undermine real reports.

“We want rapists punished for their crimes. We also want the system to punish those that make false rape claims,” the group states.  The group claim they have received messages of support since unveiling their poster campaign.

“We have to stop thinking of this as a gender problem. We’ve received a number of emails from people saying thank you for finally speaking up about this,” a spokesperson for MRM said.

Men’s Rights Edmonton have extended an open invitation to debate this issue online here, which will air at 2am GMT on Friday 12th July.

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