‘Men would definitely like to be at home more now.’ Has the pandemic changed the role of Irish fathers?

Working from home with schools and creches closed for long stretches, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that many working dads are now much more involved in child-rearing and domestic chores than before. It’s a challenging but rewarding situation, and one that could signal the start of a cultural shift for Irish fathers

Jeweller Nigel O'Reilly with his children Tadhg, left, and Davitt

Marie Kelly

A Scandinavian sensibility has been influencing how we dress and style our homes for years, but it looks like, post-pandemic, we may begin to see Nordic influences transform more than just our aesthetics. In countries such as Sweden – the first in the world to introduce paid parental leave in 1974 – working fathers take anything up to seven months’ professional leave after a baby is born.