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Man who was accidentally paid 286 times his salary vanishes without a trace


A Chilean man has vanished after he was accidentally paid 286 times his salary by his employer.

The man who works for a well-known meat company, Cial, was paid 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (€170,360) instead of his usual take-home pay of 500,000 Chilean pesos (€515).

After a person in administration at Cial noticed the error, and pointed out to their manager that a staffer had been paid 286 times more than they were due, management contacted the worker in question.

It was reported by Chilean newspaper Diario Financiero that the company then approached the man and kindly asked him to repay the money.

The worker agreed to go to their bank the next day and send the money back to Cial.

When the man failed to show up the next day, and refused to answer his phone or return messages, managers at the firm began to worry.

When they finally got in contact with the worker, he claimed he had slept in and would go to the bank that very day.

A few days later, on June 2, he handed in his letter of resignation to the firm and hasn’t been seen since.

Now the company has had to ‘lawyer up’ in the hopes of finding the man as they desperately try to recover their lost money in what they consider to be a crime of misappropriation.

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