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Sunday 18 March 2018

Man killed 'with prosthetic arm'

A US man is accused of using his prosthetic arm and a rock to beat another man to death.

Police in Arkansas say 52-year-old Ray Allen Brown is charged with second-degree murder over the killing of Robert Brindley.

Case against 'Lost' star Fox dropped

A US bus driver who claimed she was punched by actor Matthew Fox has withdrawn her lawsuit against him.

Heather Bormann sued the 'Lost' star in November, seeking $75,000 (€60,000) in damages. Mr Fox countersued, claiming the woman assaulted and slandered him. Court records show both suits were dropped on Thursday.

Court throws out cat-swinging case

The case against a man accused of swinging a cat by its tail in the street has been thrown out of court because of a lack of evidence.

After hearing the prosecution's case against Riain Richards, magistrates decided there was not enough evidence. The 20-year-old, of Ramsgate, Kent, in England, was alleged to have swung two-year-old Mowgli around some 17 times in 30 seconds. Mr Richards denied causing unnecessary suffering to the cat on October 29 last year.

Couple to hand over hidden cash

A US couple who found $500,000 (€402,000) cash in the walls of their new home cannot keep it because it belongs to the heirs of a former owner, a judge ruled.

Robert Spann died in 2001. His daughters found stocks, bonds, cash and gold hidden in his Phoenix home before they sold it seven years later. The couple who bought the home found the cash in the walls and claimed it. The Court of Appeals said the money was only mislaid, not abandoned, so it belonged to Mr Spann's estate.

Milky Way on course for a crash

Nasa has calculated that our entire Milky Way galaxy will crash head-on into a neighbouring galaxy -- in four billion years.

Scientists say the sun and Earth should easily survive what will be a 1.2 million mph galactic merger, but are likely to end up in a different place in the cosmos.

Money-saving site sells for £87m

Personal finance journalist Martin Lewis secured his own fortune by agreeing the sale of his website for up to £87m (€107m)., set up in 2003, is to be bought by price comparison website MoneySupermarket.

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