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Makeover for gang HQ

Jamaican authorities have opened a police station in what was once the slum headquarters of the island's biggest gang boss.

Christopher Coke ran a criminal empire, which seemed untouchable until Jamaican officials agreed to act on a US extradition warrant and captured him in 2010. His stronghold was the Tivoli Gardens housing complex. Now officials have opened a new police station in a Tivoli building.


A Kentucky man is going barefoot for a good cause in the middle of one of the harshest winters in memory in the southern US. Hair stylist Richard Hudgins is raising money for shoeless children.

He hopes to raise $25,000 (€18,000) and take the money to Kenya, where children need uniforms and shoes just to attend school.


Archaeologists have discovered a 900-year-old murder victim during a dig at the Scottish Seabird Centre.

They found the skeleton of a young man dating from the 12th or 13th Century in North Berwick, East Lothian. Analysis revealed that the man was stabbed.


A flock of feathered visitors are making themselves at home in Michigan's biggest power plant this winter.

Up to 200 bald eagles have taken up residence at the plant in Monroe. DTE Energy is happy to host the raptors, and has set aside 800 acres along Lake Erie for wildlife habitat preservation.


A court's decision to hold three men for trial for the attempted theft of two bananas is drawing surprise and ridicule from lawyers in Nicaragua. The bananas stolen are valued at 19p. The trial is expected to cost at least £360 (€436). The trial is set for April 23. Lawyer Ivan Morales is not defending the men but says the decision to prosecute is inexplicable: "It is ridiculous to hold a trial over two bananas."

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