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Lucky gambler hits wrong jackpot

PITTSBURGH gambling regulators have revealed a punter won a $25,000 (€17,364) jackpot on a slot machine that should have paid out only $12.

US casino officials said the unnamed player was allowed to keep the jackpot.

Miracle condom ready for action

A British medical company has had its erection-enhancing condom recommended for European approval.

Futura Medical said its CSD500 condom -- for sale under the Durex brand-- has gel in its tip that dilates arteries and increases blood flow.

Man refused to pull up his pants

A US college American football player who allegedly refused a request to hoist his low jeans when he boarded a flight was arrested after a dispute with the crew.

DeShon Marman (20) refused to leave US Airways Flight 488 from San Francisco to Phoenix and was arrested for trespassing by police at the request of the plane's captain.

Four missing after devastating flood

Police in Georgia said four people were missing after heavy flood waters raced through a mountain pass and swept away a roadside cafe.

The flooding on the Mtiskhevi River also caused landslides and blocked a main east-west road.

Rap star accused of domestic abuse

Rapper Tone Loc has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in southern California.

US police said the rapper, whose real name is Anthony Smith, was arrested earlier this week.

Galliano in dock on racism charges

Fashion designer John Galliano will appear in court today charged with hurling anti-Semitic insults at customers in a cafe.

Galliano (50) was fired as creative director for fashion empire Dior in March after a video surfaced online showing him, apparently inebriated, telling a woman he "loved Hitler".

Winehouse pulls out of all shows

British singer Amy Winehouse has cancelled all of her scheduled concerts.

The move comes after Winehouse, whose career has been blighted by alcohol and drug abuse, was jeered by Serbian fans recently for a particularly shambolic performance.

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