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'Look who's leaving - all the black people!' Principal's racist remarks shock students


The graduation ceremony at a private school in United States sparked outrage when the school’s principal and founder began a bizarre racist rant, causing most of the students to leave in protest.

The event at TNT Academy in Stone Mountain Georgia sank into disarray after principal Nancy Gordeuk took offence when she attempting to get people’s attention after she mistakenly dismissed the audience before the valedictorian’s speech.

She called one student a “goober” then told those at the ceremony: “ya’ll are among the rudest people I’ve seen in my whole life”.

Things got worse, though, when she said: “Look who’s leaving, all the black people.”

Ms Gordeuk later apologised saying her emotions had got the better of her.

Speaking to a local station, she said: “It’s just that’s where I looked…the man that came up front was black. I guess I was frustrated at him for interrupting this speech for this student.”

She told a different outlet: “I’m sorry this has gotten all blown out of proportion because just part of the video is being seen.”

Adding: “I’m sorry for what I said. Like I said, the devil was in the house.”

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