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Leno's last show

TV host Jay Leno has said goodbye to 'The Tonight Show' before, but not like this. The comedian became tearful and choked up as he concluded what he called the "greatest 22 years of my life".

Jimmy Fallon takes over 'Tonight' in New York on February 17. Leno brought his show full circle, ending with Billy Crystal, who was his first guest in May 1992.


Police in Cambodia have recovered a precious urn stolen last year that contains what are considered to be remnants of Buddha's body.

The urn was taken from a mountain shrine 25 miles outside the capital Phnom Penh in mid-December. One man was arrested in connection with the theft.


British actor Gary Oldman has revealed that he has lived in the US so long that he had to hire a voice coach to relearn his English accent.

The star said he has acquired an American twang which is barely perceptible as a result of spending so much time there with his family.


Officials at a US private school are apologising after a lunch menu option to celebrate Black History Month angered some parents and students with stereotypically ethnic foods.

When Carondelet High School for Girls in Concord, California announced a menu of fried chicken, cornbread and watermelon, other students and parents became offended.


A US animal rights advocate wants to place a roadside memorial in Georgia to remember chickens killed in a highway crash.

A member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has filed an application for the memorial with the Georgia Department of Transportation.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott has described Australia's measures to stop asylum seekers arriving by boat as tough but effective, saying 50 days had passed since any had reached Australia by boat, the longest period since 2008.

His comments come as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the navy had sent back 34 asylum seekers who attempted to reach Australia from Indonesia.

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