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Legendary hair stylist Vidal Sassoon dies at 84


Vidal Sassoon. Photo: Getty Images

Vidal Sassoon. Photo: Getty Images

Vidal Sassoon. Photo: Getty Images

Vidal Sassoon, the celebrity hair stylist who built a multi-million euro business, has died of apparent natural causes at his home in Los Angeles. He was 84.

"There is no crime scene. When the officers arrived there were family members at the residence," LA police spokesman Kevin Maiberger said.

The British stylist's scissors spelled the end of the 1950s-era beehive and brought him international fame and fortune.

In the 1960s he created a young, more natural look in hair and helped usher in a new era of style at the time. He was dubbed a pioneer for coming up with so-called wash and wear looks -- liberating many women from weekly salon trips.

But as much as he was a genius in the salon, Mr Sassoon was a whiz in business too. He began marketing his name, styles and cutting techniques in a worldwide line of beauty salons, schools and later, related lines of hair products.

He set up the Vidal Sassoon Foundation to help the needy in educational pursuits both in Israel and abroad.

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