Monday 23 April 2018

Last album signed by Lennon is sold

An album signed by John Lennon just hours before he was shot dead has sold for around five times its estimated price at auction.

The copy of solo album 'Double Fantasy' went for £23,750 (€27,000) at a Christie's sale in London. Lennon signed the album, intended as a competition prize, on the day of his death.

Rough night can land you in A&E

More than 20,000 people a year are admitted to hospital after falling out of bed. Another 12,000 are admitted after falling from a chair and 6,400 after falling from or on to ladders, while a further 1,200 people need hospital treatment after falling out of a tree.

The figures for England were released by the NHS Information Centre and cover March 2010 to February this year.

The force is strong with Yoda fanatics

Wrinkled Jedi Master Yoda has been named the greatest screen puppet of all time.

Yoda topped a poll by movie rental and online streaming service Lovefilm of top TV and film puppets. He beat Kim Jong-il from spoof film 'Team America' into second, while Kermit the Frog was third.

Saint of missing items is . . . missing

A 780-year-old Catholic relic was stolen from a church near Los Angeles, just hours after it was put on display.

The relic of St Anthony was housed in a 16-inch tall case with angel-shaped handles of gold and silver on either side. St Anthony is the patron saint of missing items.

Cage's ex sues for cash and house

Nicolas Cage met with a judge yesterday to try to settle a lawsuit filed by his ex-girlfriend over money and a house she claims the Oscar-winner promised her.

Cage walked past ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton on his way into a conference with the judge. The judge ruled that Fulton couldn't sue Cage for breaching an oral contract to transfer ownership of the Los Angeles house to the former actress, saying the claim was barred by a statute of limitations.

Danny Baker wins battle with cancer

Broadcaster Danny Baker said he celebrated with "lots of cold beer" after being told he had beaten cancer.

The presenter, who returned to the airwaves earlier this year, was diagnosed last year. He told followers on his Twitter account: "The call I have been waiting for just happened."

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