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Knox wrote to Kercher family: 'I didn't kill your daughter'

Amanda Knox, the American accused of killing British student Meredith Kercher in Italy, has revealed how she wrote a letter to Ms Kercher's family protesting her innocence.

Ms Knox, pictured, who was released from jail after being cleared last year, discloses in a new book that, ahead of her appeal, she penned a message to the family saying: "I'm not the one who killed your daughter and sister."

However, she was advised not to send the letter by her lawyers, who feared that it could be seen as a "sympathy ploy" that might prejudice her chances of the appeal going her way.

Ms Knox's attempts to reach out to the Kercher family are revealed in 'Waiting To Be Heard', an account of the murders which is published in the US tomorrow. For legal reasons, the publisher HarperCollins is not printing it in Britain, amid concerns about claims made in the book regarding Ms Knox's treatment at the hands of Italian police and prosecutors.

In the letter to the Kercher family, Ms Knox says: "In the relatively brief time that Meredith was part of my life, she was always kind to me. I think about her every day." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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