Sunday 21 January 2018

Knox family calls to start appeal

The family of Amanda Knox, the woman convicted of murdering British student Meredith Kercher, has asked lawyers to begin an appeal after reviewing the Italian court's motivation for the verdict.

The judges, who convicted Knox and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito in December, last week said they saw the killing of Ms Kercher as a result of accidental circumstances in what had started as a sexual assault by another man. Knox's family said "there is a substantial basis for the appeal".

Fake pilot flew for 10,000 hours

A Swedish pilot with a fake commercial licence was arrested in his cockpit at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport as he prepared to fly 101 passengers on a Boeing 737 to Turkey.

The 41-year-old Swede, who was at the helm of a jet bound for Ankara, had been flying for 13 years and logged more than 10,000 flight hours using forged documents for airlines in Belgium, Britain and Italy, authorities said.

Canada sings on gender equality

Canada may adopt a gender-neutral national anthem. 'O Canada' has included the line: "True patriot love in all thy sons' command" for nearly 100 years.

Ottawa wants to start a public discussion on whether Canada should adopt a gender-neutral version.

EU, Africa discuss animal protection

TWO of the world's most iconic endangered species, the bluefin tuna and African elephant, could be protected under a backroom deal being negotiated between Europe and Africa.

New rules restricting international trade in endangered species will be debated at a meeting of 175 countries beginning next week in Doha, Qatar. Europe wants to protect dwindling stocks of bluefin tuna and most African states want to prevent the sale of stockpiles of ivory to Japan and China.

Nurse Nightingale jailed for fraud

A woman who claimed almost £43,000 (€48,000) in benefits while secretly working in a nursing home under the false name of Florence Nightingale was jailed in the UK yesterday.

Dianah Woodriffe (54) fraudulently claimed thousands of pounds of incapacity benefit, housing benefit and council tax benefit over eight years while claiming she was not physically fit enough to work. She admitted using the name to mask her true identity.

Irish Independent

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