Saturday 17 March 2018

Knowledge of fairytales is grim

A new poll suggests that UK youngsters' knowledge of classic children's literature is sometimes sketchy at best.

Around one in six of 500 seven- to 14-year-olds questioned said it was not Heidi who lived in the Alps, but Roald Dahl's 'Matilda' and although more than half knew that Aslan from 'The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe' was a lion, 18pc suggested he was a giraffe.

Bank-lie man called to account

In a China awash with fake goods, rice trader Lin Chunping took fakery to a new level.

Mr Chunping claimed he had taken over Delaware-based Atlantic Bank. His home town gave him a prestigious political appointment. Later investigation showed he had made the whole thing up. He is now in jail on separate fraud charges.

Painting with breast strokes

An episode of 'Thailand's Got Talent' has prompted a morality debate after a contestant painted a canvas using her bare breasts.

Thailand's culture minister Sukumol Kunplome summoned the show's producers to say that nudity on public television was not appropriate.

Art world rocked by rock drawings

Aboriginal rock art has been dated from 28,000 years ago, making it among the oldest in the world.

The dating of one of the thousands of images in a rock shelter known as Nawarla Gabarnmang will be published in the next edition of the 'Journal of Archaeological Science'.

'Star Wars' fan saves the day

A graphic designer has saved a piece of 'Star Wars' history.

Terry Cooper spent nearly $10,000 (€7,953) to fix up the iconic desert igloo home of Luke Skywalker. Mr Cooper found the deteriorating igloo on a visit to Tunisia where the film was shot.

School honour for food-blogger girl

A school kitchen being built in Malawi is to be named in honour of a nine-year-old blogger who has raised almost £85,000 (€106,000) for charity.

Martha Payne started her blog six weeks ago, posting pictures and opinions about her school lunches at her school in Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland. She received nearly six million views and has won the support of celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Nick Nairn.

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